Modeling and Rigging

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to do much work on Townsend or Clockwork Rune.

In the first months since the last video I was focused on developing and perfecting a workflow for modeling, retopolizing, rigging, and animation. This is the process of making a high resolution model (modeling), reducing its geometric complexity to a level that is nice on the processor while using some tricks to make it look just as complex (retopolizing), giving the mesh armatures (aka bones) and mapping the mesh to them (rigging), and finally manipulating those bones frame by frame to produce a motion (animation). I’m most proud of my work in the retopolization stage, as it looks just like the original.

Pete's Procession

This video shows one of the test models in action!

The workflow itself has taken a crazy number of hours to work out, and still needs more work to be completed. I think I’ve gotten it down up to the rigging and animation… and then it gets hard…

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