Townsend Town Demo

All of this modeling business was really hanging on me, and it is becoming apparent that it would take me far too long to make all of the models myself, so I decided that I’m going to buy a lot of the common models from fellow Unity developers who are pro at it. Currently eyeing a nature pack full of oblivion-quality assets!

In the mean time, this opened me up for a few hours to doing what I’m best at: map making. That is, gameplay map making.

This build features the first of what will no doubt be a couple of versions of a part of town. I’m currently using placeholders for buildings and obstacles, but I think it gets the point across well enough.

This build also contains some bugfixing in grid interaction: now you can’t place multiple items down on a cell, nor can you place one on yourself! (plus a few end case fixes)

Check it out :-)


Update 1: bought that nature pack!

Update 2: too high poly for mobile, but I expected that :-/

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