Music and Camera Controls

This build has a ton of new features!

First, we’ve got some great new music composed by my good friend ThePlaneskeeper. This very talented man will be doing the entire score and sound sfx for Townsend, and he has already produced some A+ pieces for the title. Big props to him! I couldn’t be more excited about the style he brings.

The second feature of this build is some new camera controls. This is actually a slightly modified version of a camera control that I worked on for Clockwork Rune a few months ago. I figured it was time Townsend get a real control scheme. Let me know what you guys think.

The third feature is terrain. Not just the stock terrain that comes with Unity though… we’ve got a new terrain system created and optimized for mobile systems. I’m just learning how to use it, so this doesn’t at all represent what can be achieved by it. Also, note that only farmable areas will be flat.

And lastly, in light of the new toons, I changed the build to a night/twilight scene.


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