Shadows and Lightmapping

Another feature-packed build!

The biggest feature of this build is shadows. I’ve figured out how to enable shadow mapping for the terrain system that I’m using, and here you can see the effects. Much better I think.

On a related note, I added in a subtle blob shadow to the player, so he fits in better with the level.

Another big feature (well, I guess it’s a fix) is that our player is no longer transparent-ish! The normals were flipped the wrong way or something equivalent. I also fixed some frustrating issues with his eyes, so now they move with the rest of the mesh instead of popping out of his head when he walks about.

Also, I’ve added in some plants and brush to make things more realistic. I just wish I could put in some billboards so that I could have grass objects in the scene.

Lastly, I’ve finished the backend of the planting system. Now the grid is somewhat smart about what and where things are allowed to be placed. This is controlled easily by a number of invisible Grid Modifiers that specify what cells have what properties. Test it out by going to the sparkles and placing objects down with alt. Growing system coming up!

To top things off, I did a little speed test and turned off all of my debugging to see a smooth ~400 fps on my computer.

Things are coming along nicely!

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