Touchscreen Controls (no demo)

In my last post I simply mentioned touchscreen controls as sort of a side thing that wasn’t very important. But this is not the case. I put a lot of emphasis on how people will interact with what I’m making and how their overall experience will be. Thus, I put a lot of thought into the control scheme of Townsend.

First, what’s the kind of interaction that players will be using the most? Probably movement. I specifically opted for a point and click (err, touch?) movement system, so it follows that movement will just be a single tap, single touch gesture. The next most used command would probably be interacting with objects or farming.

The next easiest form of input on a touchscreen is double-tapping (double tap, single touch). My undergraduate capstone was focused on gestures that replace right-clicking on touchscreens, so I know that although double-tapping is the easiest to manage as a user, much of the negatives are placed on the developer. I haven’t figured out how to detect double-tap without triggering a single tap command while avoiding the introduction of lag into both commands. It’s kind of nitty-gritty, so I’m going to leave it by saying that it’s going to be hard, but I’ll have to figure something out.

Then there’s camera controls. Townsend is a 3D game, and I really want to show this. Thus, I chose two-touch and drag as the gesture to control camera angle. This is a pretty simple gesture, and it will hopefully enable gamers to really interact with the world. To complete this, I’m including the ability to zoom in and out by three-touch and drag.

I haven’t even touched the inventory controls yet, so that may open a small can of worms in the near future. In my personal testing of this control scheme, things seem intuitive. If you would like to test it out for yourself, let me know!

Sorry iPhone users! I don’t have a mac, so I can’t export to iPhone yet.

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