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Responsive Design With Path of Exile Exchange (

Recently I’ve been playing a game called Path of Exile which I can only describe as Diablo 3 the way it should have been made, on steroids. The game itself offers customization on a truly different level, fun end-game content, and a great community. Made by an indie development team in New Zealand that just [...]

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Indie Developers, The OUYA Has Arrived!

The OUYA has arrived! After hearing how easy it has been for other devs to get their game up on the big screen, I’m very excited to give it a go.

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Retopolized Terrain and Mobile Ready Cartoon Trees

It’s been nearly two months since the last post, and in that time I’ve been doing a lot of important work on Townsend. In a nutshell, I’ve fleshed out the rest of the terrain’s ground, come up with a workflow for retopolizing it, and figured out how to make the cartoon assets mobile-ready. Ready for [...]

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YouTube’s New Design: It’s Not Centered

YouTube’s newest redesign of Dec 2012 brings a ton of changes in both function and layout in big ways–and naturally most of its users are up in arms about it. Most people chalk up grumblings after similar redesigns to growing pains, but sometimes there is more to these complaints. This is probably one of those [...]

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Townsend’s Inventory GUI is Finished

After over a month of on-and-off coding, the first GUI widget is finished–the inventory widget. From a player’s point of view, there’s nothing really that innovative to it; it’s purely functional. However, from a developer’s point of view, dang that thing took a long time to make.

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A Message From Facebook: It Looks Like You Were Going Too Fast And Misusing This Feature, So Your IP Address Has Been Blocked

In classic facebook fashion, it seems that a new mechanism was uncovered in the last few hours at the time of this writing that wasn’t quite fully baked. It appears to be some sort of traffic monitoring system to help stop bots from spamming the system, but the end result so far is a TON [...]

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Integrating NGUI With FingerGestures

3-14-2013: Wow, this has become one of the most frequented page on my website. In hindsight, its title may be a little misleading for developers looking to use NGUI with FingerGestures, as I don’t go into any code or anything. Leave a comment if you’d like to hear more about something in the post–or even [...]

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NGUI Implementation and More

This weekend I was able to put in a lot of time into Townsend. In a nutshell, I spent a lot of time on the UI system and being able to pick things up from the ground (ie: harvesting). Apart from learning how to use NGUI, this involved making an inventory system, figuring out how [...]

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New Assets, New Rig, and a New Job

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything on my blog, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on Townsend! In the two months(?!) that I’ve been quiet, I started working full time at my job, and I can’t help but think how lucky I am to be doing exactly what I like, [...]

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Not-So-Faux Columns

Creating a multi-column layout is often the first of many unsolveable puzzles that a novice web developer runs headlong into. It should be an easy thing to do, right? After all, two-column layouts are a standard in print, and you see them everywhere online. Alas, it’s not easy at all… in fact, it’s nearly impossible [...]

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