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Stop WordPress From Removing HTML

Anyone who has worked with HTML in WordPress knows that wordpress has a nasty habit of filtering out html tags/elements that you have specifically placed in the HTML editor. Many claim this is wanted behavior, but we all know this behavior is about the most annoying thing about WordPress and other blogging systems. So let’s [...]

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Something Big: Finishing Touches

After last week’s plunge into technical systems, I was glad to be able to focus on the content half of the scene. So glad, in fact, that I forgot to take screenshots of the progression! Oops… oh well. So, without any progression, here is what a grassy, blank-looking thing from last week turns into after [...]

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Something Big: Technical Work

As it turns out, there was a piece of technical work that I had forgotten about: Pathfinding on terrain. This in turn led to other changes in my pipeline–and yay, more work. In the end, though, I managed to use some sweet systems to cut out a lot of manual work.

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Making Something Big

So far I’ve mainly focused on ironing out my workflow and coding systems. That stuff is very important and all, but often times it’s not very exciting! And I prefer exciting.

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Optimizations and Android APKs

  Please note that the new shaders unintentionally use real-time shadows, and trees are missing due to upcoming new environments. While this build features no new gameplay elements, I have managed to increase the frame rate by 15-20% and cut the file size down by half (by two-thirds for the webplayer, even). Now that’s progress! [...]

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Trello, Growth System, Touchscreen Controls cont.

  Townsend is approaching the mid-way point in terms of a playable demo–most of the basic functionality is there and moderately polished, and there’s actually something players can do (plant stuff!). For me, this also means it’s time to start organizing tasks in a better way than just whatever needs to be done. So I [...]

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Touchscreen Controls (no demo)

In my last post I simply mentioned touchscreen controls as sort of a side thing that wasn’t very important. But this is not the case. I put a lot of emphasis on how people will interact with what I’m making and how their overall experience will be. Thus, I put a lot of thought into the [...]

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Planting and Graphics

  Notice: I apologize for the large filesize on the demo as well as the roots of the trees in the webplayer. Not sure exactly what caused this. Well, it’s amazing for me to look back at the date on my last Townsend blog post and realize that it was nearly a year ago. I [...]

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Website Design

I work at a tech company called Apptio, who delivers a complicated suite of business software to IT departments of large companies. Luckily for me, this software is served entirely through the web in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, so I can use CSS to style and control it. I enjoy my work, but because we [...]

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Website Comments

Over the last two days I’ve been finding my way around the wordpress menus and taking css styling one step at a time. Yesterday, I took on the comments section. Initially it didn’t seem very daunting, but anyone who has styled an html form would have told me otherwise. After a few minutes of firebug, [...]

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