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Scrolling Through Lists

Today I was helping someone with their android phone (they were telling me how terrible the battery was). I came to the task of navigating through their apps list to find Google’s Play, looking to download an app (U-M developed Power Tutor).┬áDespite scrolling through the long list of apps for about 10 seconds, I couldn’t find the app until I backtracked halfway back up the list.

Later in the conversation, I wanted to show him the app, which I had downloaded previously to my own phone. There, I found it immediately even though I rarely ever navigate to, or use, this app.

After the conversation I recalled the interaction. Why wasn’t I able to find the app on his phone? Well, his version of android had a continuous scrolling vertical list while mine had scrollable pages of apps. I remember when I had a continuous list of apps (on a previous device), and I remember that it was significantly harder to find apps in it than it is for me now with the page system.

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Website Development

I’m currently building this website from the ground up, so please pardon the construction tape.

This is my first time working with WordPress. So far it’s pretty straight forward and there are plenty of tutorials around to show me the ropes. It’s also (soon to be) my first experiment with css3 transitions–I’m attempting to use movement, fading, and rotation extensively to create a different interaction than most websites. We’ll see how that pans out :-)

Keep checking back to see further iterations!


BrentGrossman.com v1

First Post!

First post on the website! Yay… now how do I do anything?