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YouTube’s New Design: It’s Not Centered

YouTube’s newest redesign of Dec 2012 brings a ton of changes in both function and layout in big ways–and naturally most of its users are up in arms about it. Most people chalk up grumblings after similar redesigns to growing pains, but sometimes there is more to these complaints. This is probably one of those [...]


A Message From Facebook: It Looks Like You Were Going Too Fast And Misusing This Feature, So Your IP Address Has Been Blocked

In classic facebook fashion, it seems that a new mechanism was uncovered in the last few hours at the time of this writing that wasn’t quite fully baked. It appears to be some sort of traffic monitoring system to help stop bots from spamming the system, but the end result so far is a TON [...]


Not-So-Faux Columns

Creating a multi-column layout is often the first of many unsolveable puzzles that a novice web developer runs headlong into. It should be an easy thing to do, right? After all, two-column layouts are a standard in print, and you see them everywhere online. Alas, it’s not easy at all… in fact, it’s nearly impossible [...]

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Stop WordPress From Removing HTML

Anyone who has worked with HTML in WordPress knows that wordpress has a nasty habit of filtering out html tags/elements that you have specifically placed in the HTML editor. Many claim this is wanted behavior, but we all know this behavior is about the most annoying thing about WordPress and other blogging systems. So let’s [...]


Website Design

I work at a tech company called Apptio, who delivers a complicated suite of business software to IT departments of large companies. Luckily for me, this software is served entirely through the web in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, so I can use CSS to style and control it. I enjoy my work, but because we [...]

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Website Comments

Over the last two days I’ve been finding my way around the wordpress menus and taking css styling one step at a time. Yesterday, I took on the comments section. Initially it didn’t seem very daunting, but anyone who has styled an html form would have told me otherwise. After a few minutes of firebug, [...]

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Scrolling Through Lists

Today I was helping someone with their android phone (they were telling me how terrible the battery was). I came to the task of navigating through their apps list to find Google’s Play, looking to download an app (U-M developed Power Tutor).┬áDespite scrolling through the long list of apps for about 10 seconds, I couldn’t [...]

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Website Development

I’m currently building this website from the ground up, so please pardon the construction tape. This is my first time working with WordPress. So far it’s pretty straight forward and there are plenty of tutorials around to show me the ropes. It’s also (soon to be) my first experiment with css3 transitions–I’m attempting to use [...]

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First Post!

First post on the website! Yay… now how do I do anything?

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