Apart from UX development, video game creation, and website design, I’ve experimented with fractal generation, 3d modeling, image manipulation and video compression. This page features the projects from these extra experiments.

Responsive Design With Path of Exile Exchange (poeex.info)

Recently I’ve been playing a game called Path of Exile which I can only describe as Diablo 3 the way it should have been made, on steroids. The game itself offers customization on a truly different level, fun end-game content, and a great community. Made by an indie development team in New Zealand that just keeps cranking out game-changing updates, this is one game you’ve gotta try. </plug>

Now, one aspect of the game that is unlike any I’ve seen is its currency system. For one, it’s actually stable, but the real fun is that it’s based around a bartering system comprised of items that can advantageously be used in different ways. Think about how there’s 5 nickels to 1 quarter, but now imagine that a nickel gives you food and a quarter gives you gas. As you might imagine, that 5:1 ratio might start changing, and that’s exactly the case of the currency system in Path of Exile.

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