Townsend Grid

This build looks very similar to the previous, but there has been some major coding to the backend. The big functionality added is the Grid system. It takes all of the level geometry and generates a grid of cells to facilitate interaction between the player and the level geometry.

Because the grid is all in the backend, the only way you can interact with it in this current build is by leftclicking on the ground near the player. As long as your click is within a certain distance of him, a placeholder object will be placed down upon the ground (in the orientation of the ground, too).

It may not look like much now, but it is the second big system that Townsend requires. Big win!

Townsend Pathfinding

This is the first released buildĀ of my demo map. This demo map primarily deals with Townsend builds. This particular build showcases the pathfinding algorithm that I have employed, called A*. It is quite efficient and could possibly be automatically generated, but as of now must be manually placed.

The way it works is connections are made among all of the green nodes, unless the nodes are blocked from view of each other by a wall. These are the basic paths that our player will walk along. When our player gets a command to move somewhere, a list of paths/connections are determined that will land the player closest to the end point. Next, these paths are processed into a smooth line, and the player follows this.