Welcome to the game development blog for Townsend.

Townsend is a game I’m making for Android and iPhone that finds its roots in games like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. Townsend will feature farming, fishing, mining, and perhaps a few other activities that players can enjoy while saving up for a better house, farm, tools, and furniture. I’m using the Unity3d Pro engine to develop Townsend as a one-man indie team.

Each of the blog posts include a playable demo of Townsend. Simply download the web player from this page and then click on the image in a blog post.

I hope you enjoy these builds and the progression to their current state. If you have suggestions or enjoy my blog, by all means, leave a comment!


-You Can Play These Demos-

 right in your web browser by clicking on the first picture in a post

Indie Developers, The OUYA Has Arrived!

The OUYA has arrived! After hearing how easy it has been for other devs to get their game up on the big screen, I’m very excited to give it a go.

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Retopolized Terrain and Mobile Ready Cartoon Trees

It’s been nearly two months since the last post, and in that time I’ve been doing a lot of important work on Townsend. In a nutshell, I’ve fleshed out the rest of the terrain’s ground, come up with a workflow for retopolizing it, and figured out how to make the cartoon assets mobile-ready. Ready for a ton of pictures? Let’s dive in!

Play this post’s Demo Build!

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Townsend’s Inventory GUI is Finished

After over a month of on-and-off coding, the first GUI widget is finished–the inventory widget. From a player’s point of view, there’s nothing really that innovative to it; it’s purely functional. However, from a developer’s point of view, dang that thing took a long time to make.

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Integrating NGUI With FingerGestures

3-14-2013: Wow, this has become one of the most frequented page on my website. In hindsight, its title may be a little misleading for developers looking to use NGUI with FingerGestures, as I don’t go into any code or anything. Leave a comment if you’d like to hear more about something in the post–or even not in the post; I’d be glad to write something up if it will help! :-)

This week I was focusing on getting the UI hooked in and operational, and it looks like there’s going to be a couple weeks left of it yet. The specific operation I was working on this week was swiping down on the inventory list to hide it, and swiping back up from the bottom of the screen to show it again. I’m still not entirely happy with the user experience (UX) and affordances of this interaction given that there’s nothing to tell users to ‘swipe up to show the inventory’, but I do want to remove as much UI as possible in order to let the user focus on the gameplay. Kind of a Windows 8 UX problem with their new smart corners and the heavily gesture oriented interface now that I think of it. Regardless, that’s another post for another day–this interaction is for practice and utility stand-in purposes :-)

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NGUI Implementation and More

This weekend I was able to put in a lot of time into Townsend. In a nutshell, I spent a lot of time on the UI system and being able to pick things up from the ground (ie: harvesting). Apart from learning how to use NGUI, this involved making an inventory system, figuring out how to make icons of ingame objects, and hooking up the touch input code to everything.

This is the same demo as yesterday’s post. New demo in the next upcoming post :-)

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New Assets, New Rig, and a New Job

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything on my blog, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on Townsend! In the two months(?!) that I’ve been quiet, I started working full time at my job, and I can’t help but think how lucky I am to be doing exactly what I like, working with absolutely great people, and have better financial stability coming out of college than I had realistically thought possible. Of course, what this means for Townsend is that, while I’ll have less time to put into developing, I’ll be learning more about the Java environment (which is nearly identical to C#) and I’ll have a far greater ability to buy assets. In fact, during the last two months I already began investing in more quality assets from people who are, quite frankly, far better at making them than I am :-p. So far, the list includes…

Cartoon Nature Pack

These plants have an awesome cartooney feel! I already have some trees that I am fairly happy with, but at the very least the rocks, plants, and billboards will fit perfectly. I’ll investigate swapping out my current trees with the ones from this pack in another post as I would have to adjust the colors, and probably re-work my grass texture to get a better comparison.

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